Delphi Study

Research on Gifted Adults

A Multidisciplinary Study Connecting Global Experts



In this study, a Panel of experts interested in gifted adults will discuss & seek to answer two related questions:

  1. What is needed to develop research that increases our understanding of gifted adults?
  2. How should research efforts be directed in the next 5 years?

The overall objective of this project is to make a substantial contribution to the development of a research framework for the study of gifted adults.  This includes:

  • identifying & shedding light on current methodological problems and preferences;
  • generating solutions & new ideas;
  • establishing priorities and actions for future research globally.

We anticipate reaching consensus on some issues & gaining insight into differing views.


What is Involved?

Panel Members receive a series of 3 internet-based Questionnaires over approximately an 8 month period.  We estimate each will require 30 minutes to complete (depending on how much you have to say).

The Delphi is an iterative process:  information from each Questionnaire is analyzed & pooled.  Findings are fed back in subsequent rounds to Panel Members who then have the opportunity to respond to that data. A summary report will be provided to Panel Members at the end of the Delphi Study.

Confidentiality is essential to the Delphi process.  All responses will be anonymized to support honest, open & uncensored discussion.

Read more about the Delphi Method, & why confidentiality is important here.



Why Participate?

As a Panel Member, you have the opportunity to be part of an important conversation between geographically dispersed experts working in a variety of disciplines. All are experts in their respective fields, with an interest in understanding gifted adults.

Your responses will allow others to engage with your ideas. You will gain insight into the views of colleagues with whom you may otherwise not connect. Identities are protected to support honest, open & uncensored discussion.

This study enables us to work together to generate ideas & set priorities for future research globally.

Joining the Panel

This study is multidisciplinary & international.  We look forward to engaging with experts studying & working with gifted adults in a broad range of settings, anywhere in the world.

What do we mean by ‘experts’? Check the Panel Member criteria here.

We have reviewed the literature thoroughly & have a growing list of potential Panel Members.  But this is a complex field.  It is possible that we have missed someone.

So if you might be interested,  or want to check your eligibility, contact us.  We will be in touch. Privacy & confidentiality will be maintained.

Invitations to prospective Panel Members will be emailed in early February 2018.

Research Team

Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown

Doctoral Student

Faculty of Science;  School of Psychology
University of Auckland


Dr. Elizabeth Peterson

Dr. Elizabeth Peterson

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Science: School of Psychology
University of Auckland

Dr. Catherine Rawlinson

Dr. Catherine Rawlinson

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Education and Social Work:  Learning, Development and Professional Practice
University of Auckland